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Aspirin Friendly Vitamins

Sometimes it's what ISN'T in a multivitamin formula that may be more important than what IS!

As a nutritional company dedicated to our customers' health, we know how difficult it is for people on blood thinners to find a multivitamin formula that does not contain any Vitamin K, a nutrient found in green leafy vegetables.

That's why Fitness Tabs is perfect for individuals on blood thinners since it contains NO vitamin K. In fact, Fitness Tabs is the only Patented vitamin formula indicated for use with Aspirin!

In addition to excluding Vitamin K, Fitness Tabs contains NO Green Tea extract, a popular ingredient for cell health and weight management, which can also thin blood too much.

So start enjoying the energy and good health that comes along with a daily regimen of AM/PM Fitness Tabs without worrying about interfering with your anti-coagulant meds or aspirin. You'll love the way you feel!

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