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Why MDR Fitness Tabs

A Multivitamin so Advanced it's PATENTED!

AM and PM dosages.

MDR's unique patented AM/PM formula is designed to meet your body's continuous need for micronutrients day and night. Plus, the AM/PM dosage doubles your chances for absorption. Specific nutrients are absorbed in specific parts of the intestine. Once a vitamin passes its absorption point, absorption decreases. MDR's AM/PM system allows nutrients to pass their specific absorption points twice during the day to allow greater absorption.

Precisely combined nutrients.

Some vitamins and minerals work better when taken together, such as Vitamin D + Calcium, Vitamin C + Iron, and Vitamin E + Selenium. The MDR formula takes into account these interactions for greater utilization of the various nutrients.

Different formulas for men and women.

Because men and women have different nutritional needs, you’ll find more Iron, Vitamin B-6, and Calcium in the MDR Women’s formula. The Men’s formula contains more Selenium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A. You may think all multi-vitamins are the same, but they’re not. In creating Fitness Tabs, our goal was to bring you the best multivitamin possible. One that you can count on to nourish and protect you for the rest of your life.

Optimized to work perfectly with Aspirin

Optimized to work perfectly with a daily aspirin. Fitness Tabs contains NO VITAMIN K, which means people on blood thinners or taking daily aspirin can enjoy the benefits of a multivitamin without worrying about it conflicting with their medication. Fitness Tabs are Aspirin-friendly.

Over 30 years experience

and a proven track record in the nutritional supplement industry. With MDR you can be sure each product is made to the highest standards of the industry. We require USP testing standards on finished products, USP-grade nutrients in manufacturing and water based coating systems. No solvents, alcohol, food glaze or shellac are used in the manufacturing process. Microbiological screening on all incoming raw materials and outgoing finished product. GMP-validated and monitored computer and water systems. FDA raw material and finished product sample retention program covering a 5 year time span. Nutritional supplement manufacturing at pharmaceutical standards. State of the art high speed computer controlled and GMP validated manufacturing equipment. Audited and passed by both the USP and Shuster labs, two of the largest commercial GMP validation companies in the US.

But, Best of all...
Fitness Tabs are formulated using the highest quality ingredients!
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